6 reasons why people flock to Laguna


IF you check the Internet for top places to visit within the Philippines, one that often comes up is Laguna. Situated 103 kilometers southeast of Manila, the province is most probably known for its buko pie and resorts but, aside from the delicious treat and the pools and hot springs, what makes Laguna attractive so that non-locals tend to come back? We list here the reasons but let us know if you have others that we failed to mention.

Thanks to SLEX and the Skyway, going to Nuvali takes only about an hour — sometimes less — from Makati

The Short Distance. Its relative proximity to Metro Manila encourages people to temporarily escape city life for good, old country life. From Makati by car, for example, one can be in Nuvali, Santa Rosa, in an hour, thanks to the SLEX and the Skyway. There are the usual regular buses but also special ones like the P2P system that plies the Nuvali-Makati route. Ube Express has also started operating from the NAIA terminals to Tagapo and Nuvali, also in Santa Rosa City. Laguna is a good destination for a quick weekend getaway.

The Outdoors. Families and young professionals come to the province mostly to experience different kinds of outdoor activities. In the city of Santa Rosa alone, particularly in the Nuvali and Greenfield communities, visitors are able to enjoy activities such as wakeboarding, boating, and biking. The town of Pagsanjan is one of the go-to places for water sports and nature tripping.

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