HOA Updates: A manifesto for respect and change


This month’s HOA: Avida Settings Nuvali Homeowners Association Inc.

The officers and members of the board of Avida Settings Nuvali Homeowners Association Inc. (ASNHOAI), which took over the management of the ASNHOAI in October, outlined the challenges they faced recently and the lessons they all learned from what has been a difficult time for the community. The officers and board members of ASNHOAI are: Cesar Caubalejo, president and board of director; Ric Mercado, vice president and board of director; Leni Cruz, treasurer and board of director; Connie Caragan, Auditor and board of director; Bong Lalatag, board of director; Gena Roxas, secretary.

WE are Nuvali’s pilot community, one of the very first to be launched and, naturally, to develop and mature.

The community has been through very trying times the past couple of years. Hard lessons were learned not only by members and residents of the community but also by the surrounding villages of Nuvali and maybe even those in Santa Rosa and Calamba cities. We are looking forward to a more inclusive and respectful ASNHOAI and a bright future ahead for the association.

Here are some key takeaways from what the community has been through:

WALK FOR CHANGE, October 21: Because of what happened to our village, the disunity and the chaos, we embarked on this activity to show that we can be united even if we have differences. To change our mindset and to change the village so we can feel safer and enjoy a clean environment.

Know Your Rights

Read Republic Act No. 9904, or the Magna Carta for Homeowners’ Associations. Here, the HLURB has detailed the rights of a homeowner and the functions and limitations of an HOA. Even if you’re renting, knowing what are detailed in this document can prove useful in the future. Reading this law, along with your village rules and other pertinent documents regarding your property (whether owned or rented ), can help make living in your community and transacting with your HOA more fruitful, productive and less stressful. The rules and the law are in place to benefit all members of a community.

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Residents enjoy the recent Halloween party at the ASN clubhouse.

Work for the Common Good

Common good refers to policies, actions and other aspects affecting a community or subdivision that are beneficial to the whole versus to only a certain group of people. This means always finding the win-win in all situations and making sure that no one is excluded or left behind. It’s true that we cannot please everyone but having the mindset or vision of working toward the common good can help achieve a more harmonious and respectful community. There will always be disagreements but they can be overcome through respectful communication through the proper channels.

These children had a blast during the Halloween party.


Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Don’t be afraid to voice out your thoughts and opinions but make sure that it is delivered through proper channels and delivered in a respectful manner.

HOAs will always have issues but it would be best to personally investigate and discover what is really going on in your community versus just listening to what our neighbors have said or, worse, have heard. Technology has helped communicating with our neighbors extremely easy; however, this also sometimes means that gossip and lies are circulated just as fast. Seek out the proper channels and, if they’re not available, encourage your HOA to set up an official Facebook page, forum and/or website. Always be mindful and respectful. Having clear channels of communication drives the spirit of cooperation.


Join committees and volunteer. Your community is only as good as you make it. It may be difficult to find the time to volunteer, especially with the very busy lives that people lead nowadays, but one way of enacting the change that we want to see is to help to make it happen ourselves. Always have a mindset of an entrepreneur, biased for actions versus empty words. Comments and complaints can only go so far; be involved, cooperate, be part of the team that helps make things happen.

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Be Vigilant

Being aware of all the above can help with this very last one. In a nutshell, if something’s not right, try to check and learn more about it. Reality check: We live in a world, unfortunately, where people with different agenda and self-interests exist. But if we stand up for what’s right, cooperate with our neighbors, communicate with them and with our HOA and with the authorities, work toward a situation where not only a select group will benefit but everyone in the community all the while knowing our rights, the law and the rules and regulations — if we do all this, we can create an environment where people with different agenda and self-interests cannot operate. See something. Say something. Do something.

As we at the ASNHOAI puts this chapter behind us, the community is looking forward to implementing community-beneficial projects, making things right for the wrongs of the past, and moving forward to a better and brighter community not only for our homeowners, lot owners, residents and employees, but also for the larger Nuvali community.

Here’s to the future and to a progressive Nuvali!

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