British-Australian used ‘network marketing,’ Facebook to lure boys


A FORMER real-estate agent, Martin Cook used a scheme akin to network marketing to lure more boys, the NBI said. He would pay 100 pesos a boy he’s had sex with and then ask him to bring along friends the next time. The boy would receive a higher fee of as much as 400 pesos if he did this. The other boys were encouraged to do the same. He would also treat them to meals.

Jose Casas Jr., who acted as his pimp, was the one who would screen the boys if they passed Cook’s preference. The NBI’s Daniel Daganzo called him Cook’s “screening committee” and he would later tell the NBI that he did see children in Cook’s house. It was not clear from the NBI’s statements if Casas himself had sexually abused the children.

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The NBI also uncovered conversations between Cook and some young boys on Facebook. His Facebook account, the NBI report said, “revealed that most of his friends were young boys, an indication that he used the social networking site for his illegal activities.” (Eve Matta)