A glimpse of the Visita Iglesia

Laguna’s centuries-old churches are the perfect venues for the annual Visita Iglesia, when faith, culture, and tradition take centerstage.


I HAVE always admired the devotion Catholics have to their faith, as well as the culture and customs that they keep alive. It is fascinating to see how serious and deliberate many of them are in their traditions. This is always on display in the week that leads to Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

I have witnessed devotees waving their palaspas on Palm Sunday at the National Shrine of Padre Pio in Batangas to welcome Jesus Christ as He comes back to life after death, although some do it to drive away bad spirits and allow space for good fortune to come in. I have also heard old women chant verses from Pasyon, a preserved epic poem narrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I have seen the movie Marcelino Pan Y Vino numerous times with my cousins during special Holy Week programming on television, bewildered by the miracles that follow him.

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