Jeff’s (unplanned) journeys

For this storyteller, being a journalist is more than just standing in front of the camera with waves splashing or tanks rolling in the background. It’s about storytelling, it’s about the story, it’s about the impact of that story on society and people. Jeff Canoy finds himself privileged to be doing this.


Jeff Canoy has been to places both wondrous and wretched but he always finds his way back home to Laguna. It’s not because he was born or raised in the province (he was neither). It’s not even because the province offers anything uniquely different from all those he has visited in all these years, although he’d be the first to say Laguna is unique in its own way.

His parents, who bought a property in Nuvali a few years back, saw something in the province. For one, it is an ideal place to stay whenever they visit from the US, where Jeff was based until 2003. For another, it helps to cultivate the bond Jeff now has with his country — a connection that manifests in small ways every weekend when he enjoys staying home, doing some housework, keeping the place lived in. But most important for Jeff is the tranquility Laguna offers.

“The peace and quiet in Laguna is something I really can’t trade for anything,” he says. “Sometimes, when city life, or when the world for that matter, gets a bit crazy, I always find refuge in Laguna.” And in his line of work, tranquility and refuge are a necessity.

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