‘Narco list’: Named, shamed, killed


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‘Narco list’: Named, shamed, killed
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SINCE he took office in June 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte has publicly identified certain politicians and individuals as being involved in illegal drugs. This is a tactic that he used in Davao City where he was mayor for more than 20 years, often just rattling off names on live TV. Many of those he named — in Davao City then and across the country now — ended up dead.

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In a statement, Human Rights Watch called the “narco list” that Duterte released last week as “a veritable hit list in his ‘drug war,’  as past politicians accused of drug involvement all too often end up being shot dead by the police.” Duterte’s list, it said, “deprives those named of due process and the presumption of innocence.”

Here are just a few of many such deaths that followed the government’s disclosure of its “narco list.” Media reports have indicated many more similar killings of local government officials are included in these lists, among them barangay captains and councilors. (Laguna Now)