Patis Tito: A relaxing, refreshing garden café

Tucked inside Patis Tesoro’s farm and workshop in San Pablo is a bed and breakfast that is a sure treat for those who want to escape city life. It’s by-reservations only, but it’s worth the trip.

The calm and relaxing atmosphere of the bed and breakfast is a major appeal to visitors from the city. (Photo by Ayi Conde)

Despite being one of the biggest cities in Laguna, San Pablo City still has the feel of the “old world.” The city welcomes you with its modern infrastructure of malls and establishments but travel further south, and you will have a glimpse of the old provincial life: people riding horses to get to one place, neighborhoods where houses are far from each other, and the nearly pristine natural surroundings.

The city is perfect for backpackers and weekenders who need time away from the chaos of the metro. Somewhere in this place where the modern and the traditional meet is Patis Tito Garden Café, situated in Barangay Santa Cruz-Putol. It is owned by Philippine fashion icon Patis Tesoro, who built it with her late husband, Tito. The garden café is inside a farm compound that serves as Patis’s retirement home and workshop.

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