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Editorial: A missed opportunity

It would have been an excellent opportunity for Lagunenses to watch not the usual movie stars and comedians but politicians and leaders offering their thoughts about the state of the province’s affairs.

One country, one flag

The Chinese government has the upper hand, thanks but no thanks to its economic might and our very own government’s capitulation to Beijing.

Editorial: ‘Narco lists’ and the weaponization of due process

Duterte’s “narco list” mocks due process.

Kimmy Baraoidan: Honesty is a dying virtue

More than anything, honesty starts at home. Not in school. Not in the workplace. If someone hasn’t been brought up valuing honesty and if he doesn’t grasp the consequences of dishonesty, then expect that he will, sooner or later, be dishonest about his words and his actions.

Editorial: So young and so fascist

“Ronald Cardema is supposed to be a model for young Filipinos, which is a scary notion given the fascistic politics that underpins his actions and statements.”

Aya Jallorina: How to make this country work

“Like it or not, for injustice or irregularity to be effectively defeated, we need more than just moan our discontent but remain bystanders. We must not be oblivious to events that are actually unfolding before our very eyes.”

Editorial: Fix the Calamba-Los Baños traffic mess

We do not presume to know better than government planners who are managing the province’s traffic but these causes are worsened by a seeming lack of political will.

Kimmy Baraoidan: Where are the women?

Despite the country’s high ranking in gender equality, female participation and representation in national and local politics still leave a lot to be desired

Aya Jallorina: The Arlene I know

With her gutsiness, the pretty, wide-eyed Arlene has evolved over the years to become an expert in her sphere of influence, envied by politicians all over the country. 

Editorial: #BeInspired

If you are inspired by the work of groups such as ARMK, help them help others.




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International Women’s Day protest in Calamba

Members of women's group Gabriela-Southern Tagalog and other sectoral groups stage a protest rally at Crossing Calamba to celebrate International...