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November 22, 2019



Toyota’s adopted public school in Santa Rosa goes digital

(Press Release) SANTA ROSA CITY — Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation (TMPF), the social and humanitarian arm of...

Aya Jallorina: The Arlene I know

With her gutsiness, the pretty, wide-eyed Arlene has evolved over the years to become an expert in her sphere of influence, envied by politicians all over the country. 

Bloody weekend: Police kill 5 drug, crime suspects around Laguna

Five people suspected of pushing illegal drugs or selling unlicensed firearms were killed in separate shootouts with law enforcers in Laguna over the weekend, police said.

Jeff’s (unplanned) journeys

For this storyteller, being a journalist is more than just standing in front of the camera with waves splashing or tanks rolling in the background. It’s about storytelling, it’s about the story, it’s about the impact of that story on society and people. Jeff Canoy finds himself privileged to be doing this.

Solenad’s ‘Bon Appetrip’ buy 1, take 1 deal is on!

(Press Release) SANTA ROSA CITY – Double up on your gastronomic adventures as Solenad launches anew its Bon Appretrip promo. Enjoy...

Santa Rosa City immunizes 25,000 kids against measles

(Press Release) SANTA ROSA CITY– A week after this city enforced its action plan to combat measles, nearly half...

Why you should get involved in your HOA

HOMEOWNERs associations or HOAs. Love ‘em, hate ‘em. My family’s experience with HOAs...

Measles surge in Laguna to last up to March: DOH

Towns and cities still struggling to meet immunization targets but renewed efforts — such as an action plan in Santa Rosa City — are underway.

Calamba restaurateur dreams of caldo

This restaurateur’s fascination with soup stock led him to build the restaurant he always wanted.

Strangers in the booming city of the south

SANTA Rosa is a booming city as new businesses keep coming while the old ones try their...




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International Women’s Day protest in Calamba

Members of women's group Gabriela-Southern Tagalog and other sectoral groups stage a protest rally at Crossing Calamba to celebrate International...