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Please read this document cafrefully. This is not the usual yada yada. If you have questions about any of the stuff you read here, let us know.

  1. The materials you find on Laguna Now are either the property of Conde Media Publishing Services (the publisher) or third-party providers who submitted these materials for our use. This means you cannot copy/paste these, post them somewhere else, and claim them as your own. If there’s something here that you find supremely irresistible and would want to post it on your blog or website, ask us and we might grant you permission.
  • We post (and pay for!) materials that freelancers and contributors submit to us for publication. This means:
    • You, the freelancer or contributor, agree and abide by our editorial policies, which include no libelous content, no illegal or questionable content (such as, you know, porn), among others.
    • You, the freelancer or contributor, attest that the material you’re submitting is your original work, that you did not steal it or appropriate sections of it without attribution to the original author/s, that you actually spent time and energy to write or produce it.
    • You, the freelancer or contributor, cede to us editorial control over your submissions for reasons of clarity, space, editorial and legal compliance, and such.
  • Laguna Now is not an open platform where anonymous people can call other people names, insult their intellect, their race, their religion, and their sexual orientation. We have a zero tolerance policy toward online harassment, bullying, or the posting of illegal and questionable content. By moving on to explore all the wonderful stuff we have in our website, you agree to this policy and agree as well that Laguna Now will be well within its rights to take action against you if warranted.

Thank you for reading this far. And have fun reading the stuff that we had fun doing!